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Julie has been practicing EMDR therapy since 1993. EMDR therapy is provided to all ages and for those from Paso Robles to San Luis Obispo and beyond.

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Trauma and neglect most often begin in the home.

Research and clinical experience confirm that the number one problem we face is not addiction, domestic violence, or child abuse.  Instead:

The number one problem societies face worldwide is the result of untreated or unresolved trauma and neglect.

Once trauma and neglect are treated we may no longer have the aftermath of domestic violence, child abuse, addiction and multi-level problems we experience personally, with our health, in our relationships, and at our workplace .

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Extended sessions of two-hours or longer are available on select Mondays and Fridays if you travel a distance, or if you are wishing for the powerful benefits of extended sessions.

EMDR therapy, Cognitive-Affective-Behavioral therapy, Brainspotting, interpersonal and mind-based therapies along with optional group therapy, are some options available for adults, children, couples, and families. EMDR therapy helps you with a variety of  concerns like anxiety, depression, conflict resolution, relaxation and stress management, parenting and step or blended families, male and female or men’s and women’s issues, anger management, family conflict and family violence, physical and sexual child abuse, batterer intervention, victims of violent crimes, victims of accidents or war, and marital and couples issues. EMDR therapy is empirically validated and A-rated for PTSD.  Not many therapies can say that.  All ages can be helped whether you are coming on your own, or as a couple or a family, or you are a child or teen, or you want to join an adult men’s or women’s group.

Offices are in San Luis Obispo and Atascadero.

For a free 10 minute telephone consultation         please call:   805 544-2273

Please help me reach you:  Leave your name, number, best days and times to call you back M-F, and indicate if it is OK to leave a message for you.                          Please call again if you don’t hear back in 72 hours.

After our phone call we can set up an initial intake and assessment appointment and meet to ensure this is the right place for you. With your goals for therapy in mind we can discuss your treatment plan options together, and then set out to accomplish them in the most effective and efficient way possible.

This website was last updated January 23, 2018.

“Grace is to the body what clear thinking is to the mind.”

Duc Francoise de La Rochefoucau 1630 – 1680

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