Telephone is the way to make contact.

805.544.2273 for both the San Luis Obispo and Atascadero offices. 

In the event you reach voice mail, please leave your full name, phone number, suggested business hours Monday through Friday for your call back. Please offer permission to leave a message if you are missed when your call is returned.

This first step will help us determine if assistance can be offered to you. If we agree, then we’ll schedule an intake/assessment appointment for you, after which a treatment plan or two may be offered for you to choose from so you can select the right path for you to most easily reach your goals.


New client or consultation inquiries made by email will receive an initial response by telephone.  Thank you!

In order to promote the protection of your private and personal information, telephone contact is returned. New clients or those seeking consultation initially by email, please remember to offer your information and telephone number as above. This may seem inconvenient but is designed to protect the sensitive and confidential information of you, your family, or your client.

Thank you for understanding this protective policy.

If you don’t get a call back from me within 72-business hours, it might be that your message did not go through or your number was written down wrong. Please call again just in case. Thank you!


Julie Stowasser   P.O.Box 15101  SLO,  CA  93406

Mailing Address – Mail is collected up to two times a week.



Oliver Wendell Holmes  1809 – 1894 wrote,
Death tugs at my ear and says, “Live, I am coming.”

I think death utters lovingly in our ear, “Go Live! Live Loud. Live Alive! Thrive!!”

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