EMDR Consultation

Weekend One’s ALL FIVE HOURS of Group Consultation is available for anyone who has completed the EMDR Institute’s or any other EMDRIA Approved W1 EMDR training.

The next Group Consultation for Weekend 1  is Saturday August 10, 2019 at the Atascadero Office.   All 5 hours will be received in one day for $325 and includes your lunch off the menu from StreetSide Cafe.

Another Group Consultation for Weekend 1 after that will be held Saturday August 24, 2019.   $325 for all five hours and lunch off the StreetSide Cafe menu.

Inclusion in these groups is first paid/first come/first served. Other groups may be held, or private consultation for you alone or in smaller group you organize may be available.  CALL PLEASE.

Anyone who has taken -any- EMDRIA Approved W1 & W2 training can attend these consultation hours and can also schedule individual or smaller group consultation as our schedules mutually allow.

Individual office or phone as well as smaller (dyads/triads) groups also available by appointment.

Discounted groups for the 2019 Weekend 2 EMDR training to be held in  November are not yet scheduled.  Please check back for them.

Anyone who has taken -any- EMDRIA Approved W1 & W2 training can attend these consultation hours and can also schedule individual or smaller group consultation as our schedules mutually allow.

2019’s EMDR training in SLO! 

San Luis Obispo is proud to announce yet another EMDR therapy training in 2019 provided by the EMDR Institute – the birth place of EMDR therapy and the home of it’s founder Francine Shapiro.

Weekend One is July 19-21, 2019. Weekend Two is November 15-17, 2019.  

For more information about upcoming trainings, please go to: https://www.emdr.com/us-basic-training-overview/  

To discover the answers to any questions you didn’t find online, please call the EMDR Institute at (831) 761-1040 or Julie at (805) 544-2273.

More information about types of consultation are below:

Consultations for EMDR therapy trained clinicians pre and post training.

You can get your Basic Training consultation hours here as well as hours for  Certification and  Consultation-for-Consultation.

Consultation in EMDR therapy is provided in these four areas:

  1. Consultation that is required for each weekend of EMDR Basic Training. Ten hours for EMDR Institute or EMDR-HAP trainings.  These hours are a mini-refresher for most who wish to join us but don’t “need” the hours.
  2. Independent and on-going EMDR therapy consultation (or other consultation such as in domestic violence, child abuse, psychotherapy in general, or ethical dilemmas, for example) tailored to you for your own professional enhancement specific to your own practice.
  3. Consultation to become Certified in EMDR therapy.
  4. Once Certified, you can seek Consultation-for-Consultation and earn your status as an EMDRIA Approved Consultant in EMDR therapy.

Consultation received here is aligned with EMDR therapy just as it was conducted in the 30+ controlled studies and 12+ nonrandomized studies that rightfully award EMDR therapy the empirically validated and A-rated status it has in the professional and scientific communities.

EMDR Basic Training Consultation is for those who have or are currently taking the Basic Training Weekend One and Two through the EMDR Institute or EMDR-HAP.  You can still attend if you were trained by any another EMDRIA Approved training agency.  Five hours of consultation is required before attending Weekend Two of the training.  Another five hours post Weekend Two is needed before your Basic Training in EMDR is considered complete. Then, you get a certificate of completion. To become Certified, however, is a different matter and requires a higher level of interest and committment.

Certification in EMDR therapy emphasizes practical applications toward mastering the eight phases and three prongs of EMDR therapy, taking you to a deeper and more thorough understanding of the applications of EMDR therapy.

Consultation for those seeking to become an Approved Consultant in EMDR therapy is provided once you’ve become Certified in EMDR therapy. The bar of competence and mastery is even higher for Consultants.

General Consultation is also available offered to you to help you discover and cultivate, and strengthen and enhance your existing abilities in practice. Consultation can assist you in learning and integrating  the protocol into your practice and increase your client’s successful experiences of EMDR therapy – whether you are treating those affected by adverse life experiences in childhood and adulthood, domestic violence, child abuse, or other traumas.

If you would like to discover if this is the right place for you, please call me for a brief and free Q&A.  If all is good, your EMDR therapy consultation can be conducted by phone, in person, or by video, please call  (805) 544-2273. Or you can email me by clicking here.   Please leave your phone number and contact information so I can call you back.  Don’t text – texts are not delivered.

A “Certificate of Completion” is provided when you attend all hours of an EMDRIA Approved EMDR Basic Training.  

This certificate is not the same as becoming “EMDRIA Certified” in EMDR.

The definition of “Certified in EMDR” has been understandingly confusing.  For more information on what role EMDRIA has in qualifying the statuses of licensed mental health professionals who are trained in EMDR therapy, please visit www.emdria.org.

EMDR therapy is “client centered” meaning the client will never do or believe what is not true for them.  Institute trained EMDR therapists do not ever tell the client what their goals, thoughts, beliefs, or wants and should be.


Clinical consultation for domestic violence victims and perpetrators, their families and children, and EMDR with children is also available for you.

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