Migraines & Pain

Migraine Treatment with EMDR therapy

If you suffer from migraines, rather immediate non-medicinal pain relief is available in my office.

How is a migraine treated with EMDR therapy and not meds?

First, the pain of the migraine is brought down to tolerable levels or extinguished completely, without medication. With your permission, we manually compress your head in the office.

As the pain from migraines lessen, and as the duration and frequency of the migraines lessen, we focus on unresolved material left over from traumas or adverse life experiences using EMDR therapy.  It is believed that ultimately, most migraines are a “cortical spreading depression” caused by unresolved trauma and neglect.  Please always stay connected to and evaluated by your physician as psychotherapy does not treat medical conditions. Additional resources appropriate for each migraine sufferer will also be offered during your time in treatment for your migraines.

Collaboration with your therapist and your doctor is important for the overall speed and ease of alleviation of your migraines.

This researched migraine treatment process was developed by Stephen Marcus, Ph.D.

I was trained by Dr. Marcus in October 2013.

For pain that is not a migraine, I’ve been trained (July 2017) by Mark Grant of Australia to treat pain that has not responded to traditional psychotherapy or medications. Could this method work for you?