2020 SLO EMDR Training!!

The EMDR Institute is the home of EMDR therapy’s discoverer and developer, Francine Shapiro, Ph.D and is also the oldest EMDR training group in the world.

We are offering a LIVE VIDEO CONFERENCE full training, in two weekends this 2020   Live Video conference!!!

Weekend One  will be held July 17-19, 2020

Weekend Two will be held  November 13-15, 2020


The next all-five-hours  Group Consultation for Weekend 1  will be held also by live Video Conferencing on Friday August 14, 2020 with overflow to Saturday August 15, 2020.   All-5-hours will be received in one day for the early bird rate of $325.  Beginning August 7, the rate will be $350.  Calling all early birds!!!

Anyone who has taken -any- EMDRIA Approved W1 or  W2 training can attend the W1 or W2  consultation hours.

Inclusion in these groups is first paid/first come/first served.   Please call 805 544-2273 when you are ready.

Private consultation for you alone or in smaller group you organize may be available.   Please call 805 544-2273 when you are ready.

Anyone who has taken -any- EMDRIA Approved W1 & W2 training can attend the W2 consultation hours.

FAQ about the 2020 EMDR Institute Basic Training in SLO:

Who can attend?  Any pre-licensed (trainee or registered associate/intern) mental health clinician and any licensed mental health clinician who has attended Weekend One.   Psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners may also attend.   Not sure if you qualify?  Call  805 544-2273.

Who is the lead trainer?   For Weekend One, Alicia Avila of San Diego.

For Weekend Two Senior EMDR Institute Trainer Gerald Puk, Ph.D.    Dr. Puk is one of the first EMDR therapy trainers in the world. He’s got some skills.  And, he’s funny.

What about discounts?   YES!   Discounts are available for those who work at nonprofits, are not  yet licensed, government agencies, and groups of 6 or more who register at the same time.   Call the EMDR Institute at ‭(831) 761-1040 for details.

Can I retake the training?   Smart thinking!   Yes, you can retake the training and you can do so at a discount.  Call the EMDR Institute at ‭(831) 761-1040 for details.


Why take your EMDR therapy training from the EMDR Institute?
The EMDR Institute is the birth place of EMDR therapy and the home of EMDR’s founder, Francine Shapiro, Ph.D.  and is the oldest most experienced EMDR training organization.
The EMDR Institute will always teach you how to adhere to the protocols used in the 30+ studies that have confirmed EMDR therapy’s efficiency and effectiveness.
These randomized and controlled studies earned EMDR therapy its A-rated and empirically validated status for treating PTSD.   You can’t do better than that!   With the EMDR Institute trainings and consultations, you’ll learn EMDR therapy the way Dr. Shapiro intends it to be taught and administered.
EMDR therapy treats PTSD very well .  It is after all, A-rated and empirically validated.   We now know its methodology can also address many other issues like:
Body dysmorphic disorder (Brown et al. 1997)
Borderline personality disorder (Brown and Shapiro 2006)
Choking phobia (de Roos and de Jongh 2008; Schurmans 2007)
Deliberate self-harm (McLaughlin et al. 2008)
Domestic violence perpetration and victimization (Stowasser 2007)
Eating disorders (Beer 2005; Bloomgarden and Calogero 2008)
Obsessive compulsive disorder (Whisman 1997;
       Whisman and Keller 1999)
Phobias (de Jongh 2003; de Jongh and ten Broeke 2007)
Panic disorder (Fernandez and Faretta 2007;
        Feske and Goldstein 1997; Whisman 1997)
Pathological gambling (Henry 1996)
Phantom limb pain (Russell 2008; Schneider et al. 2007;
       Tinker and Wilson 2005; Wilensky 2006)
Sex offender treatment (Ricci 2006; Ricci et al. 2006).
Social phobia (Sun and Chiu 2006)
Substance use disorder (Brown et al. 2015; Hase et al. 2008;
       Marich 2009,
2010; Popky 2005; Shapiro et al. 1994; Vogelmann-Sinn et al. 1998;
       Zweben and Yeary 2006)”
Excerpted from:
Brown, S., Stowasser, J., & Shapiro, F.  (2016). EMDR Therapy and the Treatment of Substance Abuse and Addiction. In A.L.M. Andrade & D. De Micheli (Eds.), Innovations in the Treatment of Substance Addiction (pp. 69­-102). Switzerland: Springer.